Long Lasting Coloured Mulch

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Available in Rustic Red and Peat Brown

Woodside's long lasting coloured mulch is made from by-products of Irish sawmills so there is less possibility of toxic substances than ones made out oF recycled wood.

Woodside use an environmentally friendly water based organic dye so has no effect on your soil or plants.

Benefits of Woodside's Long lasting Mulches
Decorative appearance
Woodside's Rustic red Decorative Mulch is perfect for giving a decorative and attractive finish to your beds and borders.

Weed control
Mulch is the most environmentally friendly way of controlling weed growth.

Long Lasting
Coloured mulch is a long lasting mulch and can hold its colour for up to 3 years

Moisture Retention
As With all Woodside's mulches our rustic red mulch is excellent at retaining moisture in your soil by reducing the rate of direct evaporation from your soil

Protecting your soil and plant roots
Mulch provides protection to your soil from frost in winter and excessive heat in the summer by maintaining optimum