Farmyard manure

Woodside’s farmyard manure is a rich peat free organic manure which has a wide range of uses in the garden, such as mulching, planting and soil conditioning.

Having problems getting your veggies growing ? Mix Woodside’s Farmyard Manure with poor soil to provide nutrients, trace elements and suppress weeds around your veggies, shrubs and trees.

Whats the best way to use it ?

For general use: spread Woodside Farmyard Manure 50-100mm (2-3 inches) deep over the soil and work it in.

When planting trees and shrubs: mix Woodside’s Farmyard Manure into the soil around the base.

Around existing plants: spread Woodside’s Farmyard Manure 50-70mm (1-2 inches) deep around the plants, leaving a 2-3 inch gap around the stems.

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